Quality is not about money, it is about attention to details.
We started out from zero, and through dedication, persistence and hard work we made it.
Today we stand here before you. weareeyes!
We are who?

We came. We saw. We wore. Sharing the same thought: good things don’t have to be expensive, we decided to create a brand to express all those who've had enough with the flamboyance. To all those who don’t need others to tell them how to look cool to make a statement. “Quality is not about money, it is about attention to details.”

Products and quality

Quality is a word that summarizes what we do better than any other. Because it speaks for us without saying who we are, saying only to what we are dedicated to. Raw materials are responsibly selected, tested and then purchased in order to avoid any hardware failure. Every eyewear is hand checked by SGS the top quality certifier in the world. We take quality very serious and we feel obliged to continue on this path.


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